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“Acting justly, and action for justice on behalf of others, is a spiritual quest.  It is a response to the promptings of the Holy Spirit at work in our hearts”, says Gerard Moore SM, author of A Spirituality for Justice.

A Spirituality for Justice, No 43 in the Catholic Social Justice Series published by the Australian Catholic Social Justice Council, explores a range of perspectives that can open us to justice.  It shows that our ‘ordinary’ knowledge can have extraordinary depths and riches.  The paper goes on to address the dynamics of an on-going conversion into justice by examining a cluster of attitudes.

A Spirituality for Justice will be launched on Tuesday 19 March 7 – 7.30pm at the Catholic Institute of Sydney, 99 Albert Road, Strathfield.  All are welcome to attend.

“This is a very encouraging and helpful paper both for those who are deeply involved in action for social justice, and for those just starting out on the quest for justice.  It is easy to become disillusioned when our efforts to promote justice do not appear to bear fruit.  We can feel helpless and hopeless.  This paper reminds us that wonder beauty, and the goodness of God’s reign sustain and inspire our action.  We must keep in sight the Gospel vision of justice as we respond to the pain and suffering in our world”, said Sandie Cornish, National Executive Officer of the Australian Catholic Social Justice Council.

About the Author:
Gerard Moore, a Marist priest, is co-coordinator of liturgy at the Catholic Institute of Sydney, Strathfield, NSW.  He has a doctorate from the Catholic University of America.  He is a member of the Consultants’ Committee of the International Commission on English in the Liturgy (ICEL), as well as of the National Liturgical Commission of the Australian Bishops.  Ecumenically, he is a Catholic representative on the Australian Consultation on Liturgy.  The ACSJC has also published The Holy Spirit of Social Justice (no 34, 1998) and Eucharist and Justice (no 39, 2000), by this writer in the Catholic Social Justice Series of occasional papers.