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On International Women’s Day Bishop William Brennan, Chairman of the Australian Catholic Social Justice Council (ACSJC) sent greetings to the women of Australia and drew particular attention to the plight of migrant women outworkers in the clothing industry. 

His message follows.

“On this International Women’s Day I send greetings to all of the women of Australia on behalf of the Australian Catholic Social Justice Council.  Your contributions to family and community life, to academic, political and professional fields, to the cultural, religious and artistic life of our nation are a great gift.  I would like also to take this opportunity to thank all the women who have contributed to the work of the ACSJC over the years.

“On this day when we celebrate the achievements and contributions of women, we also remember the on-going struggles and injustices still suffered by women today.

“Just yesterday I attended a rally organised by the Fair Wear campaign.  I stood outside the NSW Parliament House with migrant women outworkers in the clothing industry and called for the government to enact legislation for their protection.  With us too were women who had been sacked from a clothing factory.  Their work is now being contracted out to outworkers who were not being paid the award rate.

“The courage and strength of these women in the face of many injustices is an inspiration.  They deserve our solidarity and support in working for change.”