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                                     July 2016        No 180



From the Secretariat
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From the Secretariat:

1607a2016-17 Social Justice Statement theme announced

The ACSJC is preparing for the launch in September of the Australian Catholic Bishops' Social Justice Statement. This year's Statement is titled A Place at the Table: Social justice in an ageing society. It celebrates the value, dignity and significant contributions of older people to the life of the community. ... read more From the Secretariat 


Current Issues/Resources:

Election Statement - 'A Vote for the Voiceless'1607b

Australia's Catholic bishops have called for the voices of the thrown-away people to be heard in the long federal election campaign. The bishops' 2016 Federal Election statement is addressed to Catholics and all people of goodwill. 'The economy of course is important and there does need to be sound management,' the bishops say. 'But, as Pope Francis has pointed out, there is also a danger that the economy can become a kind of false god to which even human beings have to be sacrificed.' ... see more Current Issues/Resources


ACSJC Publications:

Social Justice Statement available for pre-order1607c

We have commenced taking orders for the 2017-17 Statement A Place at the Table: Social justice in an ageing society. An order form, letter from the President of the Bishops Conference and summary material are available on the ACSJC website... see more Publications


Social Justice Events: 

1607d3-10 July - NAIDOC week

NAIDOC Week celebrates the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Events are held throughout Australia to honour the traditions and contributions of Indigenous people. ... Read more

 All events

National | ACT | NSW | NT | QLD | SA | TAS | VIC | WA

This includes information about social justice events by various organisations around Australia. Event details may have changed since being posted - please confirm with the organiser.


News Monitor:

1607eFrank Brennan countenances vote for minor parties

Jesuit human rights activist Fr Frank Brennan has suggested the minor parties' balance of power in the Senate could be the only way to achieve a more humane outcome for asylum seekers. He said: 'Sadly, the major political parties have forfeited any claim to govern in their own right because they have caused such disillusionment among so many voters about other policy issues with strong moral overtones.' ... see more News items


Social Justice Diary:

1607f14 June 1995 - Aboriginal Flag and Torres Strait Islander Flag proclaimed official flags of Australia

The Aboriginal flag was first displayed on 12th July 1971 on National Aborigines Day, at Victoria Square in Adelaide. It was also used at the Tent Embassy in Canberra in 1972. The Torres Strait Islander flag was designed by the late Bernard Namok from Thursday Island in 1992 and adopted during the Torres Strait Islands Cultural Festival. In June 1995, the Australian Government proclaimed the flags as official 'flags of Australia' under section 5 of the Flags Act 1953. ... see more Diary items



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