The Chairman of the Australian Catholic Social Justice Council, Bishop Christopher Saunders, has welcomed the publication of Building Bridges: Social Justice Statements from Australia’s Catholic Bishops 1988 to 2013.

‘Building Bridges is an exceptional resource for everybody who wants to learn more about the Church’s social doctrine. It is especially valuable for schools, universities and parish and diocesan groups’, Bishop Saunders said.

‘I am very pleased to see these documents brought together in such an accessible form. I believe that this book will offer an invaluable insight into Catholic social teaching brought to life in an Australian context’, Bishop Saunders said.

‘These Statements address major social justice issues in our world: the quest for peace, economic justice, a just and inclusive society, and environmental integrity. In particular, they reveal an abiding concern to achieve justice for Indigenous Australians, for refugees and asylum seekers, for the disadvantaged and those on the margins of our society.

‘It seems that today more than ever before, our society is in need of voices that call for a focus on the common good and concern for the most vulnerable’, Bishop Saunders said.

The volume is fully indexed, making it an ideal resource for students and social justice groups. It includes an introduction by Sandie Cornish, a former Executive Officer of the ACSJC, that gives an excellent overview of the main issues addressed by the documents and supplies a summary of what the Church’s social doctrine has to say about our nation and our sisters and brothers in our region.

Price: $35.00 (incl. GST and postage within Australia).
Paperback, 270 x 210 mm; 312 pp. Includes index. ISBN 9780987597809

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