First Interreligious Match for Peace
The match in the Olympic Stadium in Rome was promoted by Pope Francis, featuring current and past players representing different cultures and religions: Buddhist, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Muslim and Shinto.’

International Day of Sport for Development and Peace
A message from United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon for the inaugural International Day of Sport for Development and Peace(6 April).

The International Olympic Committee asks olympians, international leaders and young people to speak of how sport  inspires, breaks barriers and makes a real difference in communities and countries across the world.

Caritas Sports Justice Programme for Schools

Featured Resources: Sports for Justice, educational Resources for Primary and Secondary.

NATSICC Cross Cultural Sporting Program
The Cross Cultural Sporting Program was created to bring together Indigenous and refugee youth to interact in a safe and friendly environment. The session created Interfaith Dialogue which identified the many similarities that Refugee and Indigenous Youth share. This program is run by the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Catholic Council.

ACU Future in Youth Program
Future in Youth is a capacity-building program being run in East Timor by the Staff and Students from the Faculty of Exercise Science at Australian Catholic University. Based around soccer, the project aims to develop an on-going organised sports program for the boys and girls of East Timor, promoting health, community leadership and the values of fun, fairness and respect.

Tigers 11 football team
The team was formed in Brisbane as a social outlet for unaccompanied minors who came as refugees from Afghanistan and other parts of Western Asia.  This short and moving video features one of the young Afghans, Zia, who talks about his experiences as a player and as a refugee.