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Making our Events Inclusive

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A gentleman serving at a hospitality service

As event organisers begin to plan for the future, the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference Disability Projects Office checklist for welcoming people with disability at conferences and events will be a handy tool. Disability Projects Officer, Trish Mowbray is also available to provide advice. Perhaps we can make a virtue of delays to planned events by taking extra time to make our events as welcoming as possible for people with disability?

The Disability Projects Office’s checklist is very comprehensive. It covers topics such as transport, continuous accessible paths, the cost of the event, various dimensions of conference organization, the program itself and plenary session arrangements, workshop groups, display stands, evaluation, sit down function arrangements, the venue, conference dinners and catering, dietary requirements and overnight accommodation, shade and shelter, smoking areas, and emergency procedures.

The checklist includes very useful appendices with guidelines for presenters, facilitators and workshop leaders, and for the venue provider. The universal symbols and their meaning are explained, a glossary of terms is provided and there are suggested registration forms to help you to cover all the important questions.

Download the checklist here.

Contact Disability Projects Officer, Trish Mowbray for advice via