Video Showcases Refugees & Migrants 

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“Home isn’t where you were born, home is where all your attempts to escape cease.”

Kane, student and refugee from Iraq and Syria

A new Catholic video resource shares the real stories of migrants and refugees in Australia in their own words. 

“You’re forced into a radical decision to flee… when you flee a country, sometimes you don’t have time to collect other members of your own family – let alone collect your belongings,” Bishop Vincent Long Van Nguyen OFM conv DD.

My Journey, Our Journey – First Steps: Bishop Vincent, Idrissa, Kane and Len share about their children and country of origin.

“These are people that we as an organisation, we as community people are working with them. They are not criminals. They are not bad people. We actually want them to stay in the community,” Idrissa, community organiser.

Be inspired and moved hearing Bishop Vincent Long, Idrissa, Kane and Len share their journey as migrants and refugees.

“My dream would be for us to embrace and welcome all, and at the same time, give our support – we are in this together, we are one family.” Len, parishioner. 

My Journey, Our Journey is the moving four short film series which shares Bishop Vincent, Idrissa, Kane and Len’s childhoods, their decision to leave their homes and come to Australia, how they are building their lives in Australia and how we as Catholics can create community for all.

My Journey, Our Journey – The Climb: Len, Idrissa, Kane and Bishop Vincent share about the desperate decision to leave their homes.

This free resource is available online for all to watch individually, in groups or be used as a resource in workshops and classes. The four videos can be used individually or in a series and is suitable for a variety of audiences, including people new to the subject and older high school students. A question guide for small groups is also available.

“I need to have that ability to give out to the Australian community, making this place to become a home for everyone. I just want to be part of the diversity that will help Australia be able to reach out to that global map.” Idrissa

The series was produced by the Diocese of Parramatta and is available on their new website of locally made resources,  as well as on YouTube 

The resource was created so that people who may not have had the chance to meet and work with people who have sought refuge and protection can have a personal experience, know and understand our fellow travelers in their own words. 

“As a Catholic community, this is where we can make a difference. Not only to migrant and refugees directly, but even to the rest of the country, in terms of moving public opinion in relation to migrants and refugees.” Bishop Vincent Long

My Journey, Our Journey – Building A Home: Kane, Idrissa, Len and Bishop Vincent speak about their experience in Australia and how the Catholic Church can facilitate the welcome, protection, promotion and integration of migrants and refugees.

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