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Refugee Week: Unity

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Three women standing together

Refugee Week is 20-26 June, and the Refugee Council of Australia, of which the Office for Social Justice is a member, has run several events across the country. 

The theme for this year’s Refugee Week is ‘Unity’ which focuses on the importance of joining together to support each other, particularly refugees, asylum seekers and forcibly displaced persons. 

“In 2021, we are calling on you to help build a more cohesive community during Refugee Week. Whether hosting a local meal, a community event or attending an online event to hear from people all over the world, join us as we call on the spirit of unity as we recover from the isolation we have all endured in 2020.”

The week was launched online where Councilor Dr Olivia Ball said “Safety, unity, family, a second chance. Isn’t this what we all hope for and deserve? Refugee Week shines a light on what we can decide to do as a city and nation to welcome and unite with refugees given the reality of persecution and conflict in our world.”

The launch featured personal sharing from people with lived experience and musical performances and a recording of the launch is available here:

Launch of Refugee Week

Many online events have taken place and on Friday 25 June, a virtual screening of the film Rosemary’s Way at 7pm AEST will take place. The screening is a fundraiser and features the story of Rosemary Kariuki who transformed the lives of refugee women in western Sydney from isolation to connection.

Trailer for Rosemary’s Way

More films on refugees and people who are seeking asylum as well as other resources are found here:

The Refugee Alternatives conference is taking place 6 – 8 July in Western Sydney, focusing on the theme ‘Rebuilding: resilience and innovation’. Resilience and innovation means building back stronger, igniting new ways of thinking and transitioning towards an even more effective and inclusive way of working together. People are able to attend online and in person. Tickets and information available here: 

For articles and media appearance which focus on the issues that asylum seekers are facing in Australia, visit the Office of Social Justice’s facebook page.