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Pope’s Message: Laudato Si’ Action Platform

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Pope Francis reading message

Pope Francis has released a video statement inviting everyone around the world to join the Laudato Si’ Goals seven year journey through the Laudato Si’ Action Platform.

“Our selfishness, our indifference, and our irresponsible lifestyles are threatening the future of our children! So I renew my appeal: let’s take care of our Mother Earth … there is hope. We can all cooperate, each one with her/his own culture and experience. 

“Today, I am pleased to announce that the Laudato Si’ Year will lead to a concrete action project, the Laudato Si’ Action Platform, a seven-year journey that will involve our communities in different ways, so that they can become totally sustainable in the spirit of the integral ecology. Thus, I would like to invite everyone to tackle this journey together. 

“I’m addressing these seven realities in particular: families, parishes and dioceses, schools and universities – hospitals – businesses and farms, organisations, groups and movements – religious communities. Work together. Only this way will we be able to create the future we want: a more inclusive, fraternal, peaceful, and sustainable world.”