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Bishops Personally Reflect on What Creation Means to Them

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Australian Bishops have shared what Creation means to them from special places within their own diocese.

Scroll down to see these two-minute reflections answering the question, “What does creation mean to you?”

Your chance to share:

We’d also like for you to let us know your own answer to this question! Details below

Bishop Mark Edward’s reflection along the river is a daily ritual with Creation and an experience with God

Archbishop Mark Coleridge reflects that even though he’s ‘city boy’ he still has experienced the power of ‘place’.

Archbishop Peter Commensoli reflects underneath a beautiful tree in hibernation while waiting for Spring.

Archbishop Christopher Prowse explores the Social Justice Statement and hopes it guides our practical actions.

Bishop Charles Gauci shares that he loves to watch things grow and receives solace and spiritual invigoration from creation.

Bishop Paul Bird reflects on how creation offers us insights into our creator and how our caring for creation unveils more about God.

Bishop Terry Brady shares his reflections on Cry of the Earth, Cry of the Poor and how caring for our brothers and sisters is key.

Bishop Tim Harris shares that anything God creates is an action of God’s love. Being part of Creation means that we are all part of God’s plan – a plan to participate together as a community in the common good.

To download the video file of these reflections, click here

Send in your own reflections!

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What we’re looking for:

A 1 min and 30 second to 2 min reflection on What Creation means to you in an outdoor setting you love (or have access to in lockdown!)

Some possible prompts for your reflection:

What does God’s Creation mean to you spiritually?

What does God’s Creation mean to you personally?

What does God’s Creation mean to you in your ministry?

What does God’s Creation mean to you to in your everyday life?

For example:

  • Going to ‘Thin spaces’ places for reflection – that is, places where we go to because we can feel the presence and beauty of God there.
  • The love and companionship of animals
  • Caring for the land and its people
  • A way to enact God’s love through care of creation and advocating for its protection

Email to get started and participate in this project!