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NATSICC Retreat Resources

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Message sticks are sitting in a Coolamon on fabric with Aboriginal design. The NATSICC symbol is beneath the photo with the text "2021 Virtual Retreat: 21-24 November 2021"

On the 21st to 24th of November, the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Catholic Council held its first virtual retreat. 

After COVID-19 scuttled the plans for a NATSICC Assembly which takes place every three years, NATSICC used technology to bring people together, hear from speakers, talk together in virtual yarning circles and pray as a community. 

Over 120 people participated in the retreat across four days and they heard presentations from Bishop Columba Macbeth-Green on Caring for Our Common Home, Aunty Dulcie Isaro on Aboriginal culture and spirituality, Fr Steve Fletcher on the Path to a Better Future, Fr Dave Tremble with a presentation entitled, I am the vine…you are the branches and Caroline Hughes on Healing through Country. 

These reflections are available online as well as Retreat Reflections from Sherry Balcombe, Manager of Aboriginal Catholic Ministry, Melbourne and a very special Deacon Boniface reflection, read in the language of the Murinpatha people to beautiful photos and subtitles. 

Deacon Boniface Reflection, read in the language of the Murinpatha people.

For the full resources, go NATSICC’s website: