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Sorry Day and Reconciliation Week

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Yellow background with the text, "Be Brave. Make change. National Reconciliation Week, May 27 - 3 June.

Sorry Day

Sorry Day will be held on the 26 May 2022 and is to remember and reflect on the treatment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who were forcibly removed from their family as part of the Stolen Generation policies. 

The landmark report on ‘The Stolen Generations’ – the Bringing them Home Report was tabled on this day in 1998. 

It is an opportunity for all people to reflect on how the policies of government can lead to such horrible injustices and how we can remedy this now and create policies today, so it never happens again. 

Resources and statistics to use on Sorry Day are available at 

Reconciliation Week – Be Brave, Make Change

This year, the theme for Reconciliation Week is Be Brave, Make Change.  It is to encourage all people to take action and to practice reconciliation each week and to take real action in their lives to make reconciliation real. 

Resources for Reconciliation Week are available here: 

Reconciliation Week Theme resources:

Video on Intergenerational Trauma: 

Prayer Resources for Reconciliation Week:

Article from NATSICC on Reconciliation Action Plans: 

Coming up:

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Sunday is on 3 July: Resources will be available here

National Assembly: 19-23 September, 2022 – Holy Spirit in this Land