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Struggles for Human Rights

A pair of hands reaching up to climb over a barbed wire fence, with a with a dark grey sky

There are a number of struggles for human rights and peace in our region which are getting little media attention.

In Myanmar, a military coup deposed the democratically elected Government in February 2021. In that two years, thousands of people have been injured and killed. Many have also been arrested. Churches and monasteries have also been attacked by soldiers.

The three metropolitan Bishops of Myanmar recently lamented the killings and destruction and made a passionate plea for peace:,undertake%20the%20pilgrimage%20of%20peace.%22

In Hong Kong, the so-called Hong Kong 47, who were arrested two years ago under new national security laws, are now going on trial. The arrest of the pro-democracy activists has effectively decimated civil society in Hong Kong. Threats made to civil society groups has seen the closure of dozens of unions, rights groups and other civil society organisations:

In the troubled Papuan provinces of Indonesia, commonly known as West Papua, there has been much rejoicing at the ordination of the first Indigenous Papuan priest as a Bishop in the Papuan provinces. Mgr. Yanuarius You was ordained Bishop of Jayapura on2 February. His ordination was attended by thousands of Papuans:,Vatican%20Ambassador%20to%20Indonesia%20Msgr.

A decades long self-determination struggle continues in West Papua. Papuans claim that Indonesian security forces have injured and killed thousands of Papuans in their bid to stamp out the self-determination struggle. Concerns about the routine suppression of human rights have been regularly made by reputable organisations including the United Nations. Many Papuans have fled military sweeping operations and are either living in difficult circumstances internally and across the border in PNG.

The Office for Justice, Ecology and Peace will continue to monitor developments in these countries.