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Earth Hour

Earth at Night from Space

Earth Hour is an annual event that takes place on the last Saturday of March, where individuals, communities, and businesses around the world turn off their lights for one hour as a symbol of their commitment to the planet. This year, Earth Hour falls on March 26, 8.30pm – 9.30pm ADST.

Participating in Earth Hour is a simple yet meaningful way to take action on environmental issues. By turning off the lights for one hour, individuals and organizations can show their support for the planet and inspire others to take action as well. However, Earth Hour is just one small step towards a more sustainable future. To make a real difference, we need to take action every day to reduce our carbon footprint and protect the environment.

Find out more about Earth Hour at:

If you need any motivation to take action on climate change, the just released Synthesis Report of the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), Climate Change 2023, presents a grim picture of what we face unless speedy action is taken. Read the report at:

The Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development has established the Laudato Si’ Action Platform, to provide support and resources for people to take action now in combatting our ecological crisis.

Enrolling your household, parish, or workplace in the Platform and establishing your own Laudato Si’ plan is a way of making a commitment to realising integral ecology.

To learn more about the Laudato Si’ Action Platform, please visit

Don’t forget Laudato Si’ Week will be celebrated in Australia between 16 May and 24 May. The Office will offer resources next month for you to use during the Week.

In the interim, you may also be interested in an article on a recent formation day on the spirituality of Laudato Si’ offered to staff of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference: