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Project Compassion

Logo: Project Compassion: For all future generations

Each year during Lent, Caritas Australia holds its main annual fundraiser, Project Compassion, to support their humanitarian and development programs, both overseas and with First Australians.

Caritas comes from the Latin word meaning “Love in Action”, and we share with you those actions, and the impact they make on the lives of those less fortunate:

While the importance of individual donations is greatly appreciated, even more powerful is bringing together your community to support Caritas and its mission. Organising a fundraising event in your parish, diocese or school can magnify the charity tenfold, and empower others to share in the Grace and work of Caritas.

In the spirit of Lent, Caritas shares the following ideas for inspiration on ways you can fundraise

  1. Caritas K’s: A walkathon, acknowledging those who must walk many kilometres each day, for food, for clean water, or to attend school
  2. Caritas Kitchen: A meal shared with friends and colleagues, remembering those who cannot always put food on their own table.
  3. Give it up for Lent: Combine the 3 pillars of lent into a charitable activity, and use your sacrifice to raise funds for those less fortunate.

To make a contribution, or become involved, please visit: