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Update on the Voice Referendum

"Yes" Banner, provided by

Coinciding with NAIDOC Week and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Sunday earlier this month, The Yes campaign organised rallies around the country in most major cities. For many of us, this may have been our first opportunity to engage in direct referendum activities. As the Yes campaign for the Voice to Parliament gathers pace, it is crucial to equip advocates and supporters with the necessary resources to make informed and compelling arguments. Here is a list of essential resources to strengthen the YES campaign and foster meaningful change:


Yes23 have shared a list of resources, including flyers, banners, postcards, and corflutes. Becoming involved in your local yes group is an excellent opportunity to learn and share experiences from other advocates and organisations. Finally, the Yes23 team also have a merchandise store available online.


You can find NATSICC’s resources, including their guide for hosting Kitchen Table Conversations, at

Other shared resources:

By arming ourselves with these essential resources, we can articulate a powerful and compelling case for constitutional change, amplifying the voices of those who have long sought recognition, representation, and empowerment. Together, we can create a nation that truly listens to the diverse voices that enrich its cultural fabric and build a fair and equitable future for all Australians.