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Australia’s New Development Policy

Collage of Photos of development projects in SEA

Last month, the Australian Government released its latest International Development Policy for the pacific region. While the commitments to gender and disability equity in the Indo-Pacific region are welcome, humanitarian responses in the region are still primarily centred around responding to natural disasters and the impacts of climate change, with few commitments to addressing security crises, such as in West Papua and Myanmar.

The establishment of a Civil Society Partnership Fund is particularly welcome, recognising the role that civil society organisations can play in providing humanitarian responses in the region, often in ways the Government agencies cannot.

Also welcome is a shift towards a multi-pronged approach to responding to protracted crises, that combines long-term support for humanitarian needs, including assisting governments hosting displaced populations, while also addressing root causes of these crises through developmental, peacebuilding, diplomatic, and security efforts.

You can read the development policy at: