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Anti-Poverty Week & World Day of the Poor

A womans hands, holding a meagre amount of coins

In a world that often seems divided by differences and inequalities, we come together each year to observe two important events: Anti-Poverty Week and the World Day of the Poor. These initiatives serve as reminders of our shared responsibility to eradicate poverty and promote solidarity and compassion, values deeply rooted in the teachings of the Catholic faith.

Anti-Poverty Week: A Global Call to Action

Anti-Poverty Week, observed this year in Australia from October 15-27, aims to highlight the ongoing challenges that impoverished individuals and communities face worldwide. Its primary focus is to raise awareness about the multidimensional nature of poverty and its impact on people’s lives, both materially and spiritually.

Poverty, in all its forms, robs individuals of their dignity, limiting their access to essential resources such as food, clean water, healthcare, education, and housing. This week-long observance encourages reflection and advocacy for the most vulnerable among us. Catholics are encouraged to engage in activities like volunteering, donating to charitable organizations, and advocating for policies that alleviate poverty’s burden on our global family.

More than 3 million Australians, including 774,000 children, live below the poverty line. Anti-Poverty Week invites us to join in calls for Parliament to introduce a legislated commitment to end child poverty. To sign the petition, and learn more of other actions you can take, visit

The World Day of the Poor: A Message of Hope

World Day of the Poor, established by Pope Francis, falls on the November 19. This day serves as a direct call to action inspired by the Gospel’s message of compassion and service to those less fortunate. It is a reminder of our Christian duty to reach out to the poor and marginalized and engage in acts of charity, love, and inclusion.

The World Day of the Poor underscores the importance of breaking down the barriers that perpetuate poverty and marginalization. It encourages all members of the Catholic community, as well as society as a whole, to engage in meaningful conversations and concrete actions that seek to empower the poor and restore their dignity.

Read the Pope’s message for World Day of the Poor.

The Intersection of Faith and Action

Both Anti-Poverty Week and the World Day of the Poor demonstrate the strong connection between Catholic teachings and social justice. By participating in these events, Catholics have the opportunity to transform their faith into tangible actions that make a real difference in the lives of those affected by poverty.

As Pope Francis stated, “Poverty is not an accident. It has a face, it has a name, it has a soul.” These events challenge us to see that face, hear that name, and touch that soul. They compel us to address the root causes of poverty, whether they are economic, social, or spiritual.

In a world striving for unity, solidarity, and compassion, Anti-Poverty Week and the World Day of the Poor remind us that, as Catholics, we are called to be agents of change. These observances invite us to extend our hands in support and our hearts in love to those most in need. In doing so, we not only alleviate the suffering of the poor but also live out the very essence of our faith.

Let us seize the opportunity presented by these events to make a lasting impact, one that transcends geographical boundaries and religious affiliations. By working together in the spirit of compassion, we can strive for a world where poverty is eradicated, and the inherent dignity of every individual is celebrated and upheld.