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New Resources Make Real Bishops Statement

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New resources are now available that are aimed at making the Bishops Social Justice Statement 2021-22, Cry of the Earth, Cry of the Poor real in our communities:

  • Bishops Personal Reflection Videos on What Creation Means to Them &
  • Posters and Floor Decals

Posters and Floor Decals – John XXIII College, Perth Showcase

New posters and large A0 files have been created that have already been used in schools to bring the statement to the students literally.

John XXIII College in Perth used the new posters and A0 floor decals around the school to bring the message to where the students are.

Janeen Murphy, Faith & Mission Director of the college said:

At John XXIII College in Perth we are always looking at ways to educate and engage our community’s commitment to ecological justice. The Bishops statement and quotes in artwork designed by Daniela Tan and John Hardaker has given us the opportunity to create environmentally friendly decals to use around the campus as focal points during the Season of Creation.

Janeen Murphy, Faith & Mission Director, John XXIII College, WA

Thank you John XXIII College for inspiring us and bringing your own creativity to the message of Cry of the Earth, Cry of the Poor

To access the posters and A0 sized quotes, click here

Students at John XXIII College in Perth with floor decals used during Season of Creation

Bishops Personally Reflect on What Creation Means to Them

A new series of video reflections has been created where Bishops from around the country reflect on what Creation means to them in beautiful locations in their own diocese.

The Bishops share from their personal experiences and daily rituals how God’s creation inspires and spiritually invigorates them, and how caring for God’s Creation calls us to solidarity and protecting it from harm.

You’re invited to participate in this Video Reflection Project – details are below.

To watch these short, 2-minute videos, click here.

Send in your own reflections!

You’re invited to share What Creation means to you too and be part of this video project.

If you’d like to participate, email to receive your information pack.

What we’re looking for:

A 1 min and 30 second to 2 min reflection on What Creation means to you in an outdoor setting you love (or have access to in lockdown!)

Some possible prompts for your reflection:

What does God’s Creation mean to you spiritually?

What does God’s Creation mean to you personally?

What does God’s Creation mean to you in your ministry?

What does God’s Creation mean to you to in your everyday life?

For example:

  • Going to ‘Thin spaces’ places for reflection – that is, places where we go to because we can feel the presence and beauty of God there.
  • The love and companionship of animals
  • Caring for the land and its people
  • A way to enact God’s love through care of creation and advocating for its protection

Email to get started and participate in this project!