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Amnesty Anti-Racism Ally Guide

A black and white photo of a Black Lives Matter protest. There are two signs, one reads, "Black Lives Matter" the other, "It is not white vs black, its everyone vs racists"

Amnesty International has released an anti-racism ally guide that can be used to support those of us who do not experience racism to act in solidarity and amplify the voices of those who do.

How to be an anti-racism ally provides “simple and practical advice to help us on our journey, as we strive to recognise and address racism”.  

An ally is someone who makes a commitment to challenge racism and to always learn, listen and self-reflect. 

Nolan Hunter, Amnesty International Indigenous Rights Campaign lead says, “It is sometimes difficult to be confronted with what people may not want to hear, but we cannot deal with a problem if we don’t acknowledge it in truth.”

The guide goes through six steps to being a good ally: 

1.     Acknowledge the problem

2.     Face the uncomfortable truth

3.     Listen to people who experience racism

4.     Educate yourself 

5.     Engage in conversations

6.     Take action

More information on the guide is available here: