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Patrice Moriarty

A water colour image shows a line of diverse people silhouetted standing on the shore of a lake with the sunsetting in front of them. A line of a skyline is in orange across the sky.

World Day of Migrants and Refugees Resource Kit

Migrant and Refugee Sunday is on
25 September. The Australian Catholic Migrants and Refugee Office will release the resource kit for this year’s celebrations on 15 August. The resources centre on this year’s theme, “Building the future with migrants and refugees”. It will include stories from local communities, reflection, primary and secondary schools’ prayer rituals and prayers of the faithful to be used for the 108th World Day of Migrants and Refugees.

Young woman sitting on a bridge and talks with young man sitting in wheel chair.

Disability workforce at breaking point

One in three disability sector workers report wanting to leave their job in the next twelve months and Catholic Social Services Australia (CSSA) report the sector is demoralised and at breaking point. Ms Monique Earsmon, Executive Director of CSSA is bringing the issue to the fore, “Disability workers are undervalued and this is having a devastating impact on the people they care for.”