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Torres Strait Islanders Take Action

Uncle Paul Kabai faces camera standing in his garden in the Torres Strait. Source: NITV / Kiera Jenkins

Perhaps, one of the most marginalised groups in Australia and the world when it comes to taking action on the impacts of climate change are the peoples of the Torres Strait Islands to the north of Cape York. A number of their islands are already experiencing serious consequences from rising seas caused by climate change.

Just as in other parts of the Pacific, Torres Strait Islanders are very worried about their homes as rising waters inundate their food gardens and cemeteries.

Facing an imminent existential catastrophe, eight Torres Strait Islanders took a human rights complaint to the United Nations, arguing that the Australian Government had not done enough to protect their human rights in the face of rising sea levels. The United Nations recently supported the complaint.

Uncle Paul Kabai is one of the Torres Strait Islanders fighting hard to get effective support to address the climate impacts being experienced on islands like his beloved Saibai.

Take a look at this article which gives you an insight into what is at stake for Torres Strait Islanders like Uncle Paul and what they are doing to save their homes:

Photo Source: NITV / Keira Jenkins