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Peter Arndt

A picture of a tropical island and the surrounding water from above. Beautiful dark blue water changes to vibrant aqua around the small green island.

A Laudato Si’ Inspired Conference: Our Ocean Home

On November 28-30, the Laudato Si’ Inspired Conference: Our Ocean Home will take place online from 3-5pm each day. This event includes “storytelling, reflection, practical theology, scientific exploration and dialogue from across Oceania in preparation for the 2023 Federation of Catholic Bishops’ Conferences of Oceania (FCBCO) Assembly in Fiji”. Registrations are open.

A woman stands up with her fist in the air in an auditorium full of people.

From the Office

Peter Arndt, director of the ACBC Office for Justice, Ecology and Peace reflects on the experience of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and Pacific Islanders who have gone to global summits like COP27. He writes that they are often left feeling frustrated and angry at being forced to the peripheries of power. We must be together with them at the peripheries and follow their lead. It is there we will meet Jesus and make progress, together.

Uncle Paul Kabai faces camera standing in his garden in the Torres Strait. Source: NITV / Kiera Jenkins

Torres Strait Islanders Take Action

A group of eight Torres Strait Islanders have gone to the United Nations to bring a complaint against the Australian Government for failing to protect their human rights in the face of rising sea levels. With rising waters effecting their food gardens, cemeteries and coast lines, the group successfully argued their point and the UN supported their complaint. An in-depth article by SBS goes into detail on the process and the climate heroes involved.

Laudato Si Action Platform Logo

The Laudato Si’ Action Platform Celebrates Its First Anniversary

The Laudato Si’ Action Platform is celebrating its first anniversary this week. The platform is a brilliant opportunity for families, parishes, schools, businesses, hospitals and organisations to work towards total sustainability and collate this information across the world. It is easy to pledge and receive the information needed and get to work in whatever your context. The first anniversary was celebrated with an online event available to watch anytime.

Kookaburra looking up against a background of green foliage. "COP 27 and COP 15 information sheet" is written in white on a background of light blue on the top right hand side of the image.

New Information Sheet on COP 27 & COP 15

This week COP27 continues. It is the first of two crucial global meetings where world leaders will discuss and make agreements to combat climate change and rapid loss of biodiversity. The office has created this fact sheet to provide information, prayer and action ideas for those following these events closely. Feel free to share with friends, groups, schools and parishes.

Peter Arndt smiles at the camera in front of a tree that is out of focus.

Introduction to the New Director

Peter Arndt, Director of the Office for Justice, Ecology and Peace speaks about what is important to him in the role and thanks Dr. Sandie Cornish for her work and dedication in the role over the past two years. Peter speaks about the importance of a Culture of Encounter, “For me, social and environmental action needs to be situated where those struggling to overcome injustice and oppression are. I’ll be trying to encourage that approach through the work of the Office.”

Yellow speech bubble is in the centre of the image with "FROM THE HEART" in white writing next to it. Underneath is black text reading "". All on a background of red sand.

Uluru Statement from the Heart

An update is provided on the Uluru Statement from the Heart after Prime Minister Anthony Albanese announcing that the referendum for the Voice to Parliament will occur in the 2023-2024 Financial year. The Australian Catholic Bishops endorsed the Statement last November and Dean Parkin spoke at the NATSICC Assembly. Resources and ideas for grass roots promotion are available through a new website.

The two emblems of COP27 and COP15 on a white background and aqua border.

Looking Ahead to COP27 and COP15

The UN COP27 and COP15 are coming up in the next two months. These are key opportunities for global leaders to make the commitments necessary to limit global temperature rise to 1.5 degree Celsius and put protections in place to protect the beautiful biodiversity in God’s creation. A new State of the Environment Report discusses the tragic impacts on Australia already and more information and resources will be provided by the office in the next weeks.

A mother sit besides her son as they complete work at a table in a run down apartment.

End Temporary Protection

You are invited to contact your local Federal parliamentarians to join your voice with calls to end Temporary Protection Visas (TPVs) and Safe Haven Enterprise Visas (SHEVs). The federal government has committed to this however there is no timeline in place, meaning people seeking asylum continue to be in limbo. Advocates across the country are asking for this and for people seeking asylum to finally be granted permanent protection.