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National Sorry Day and National Reconciliation Week

Now More than Ever National Reconciliation Week 2024

National Sorry Day has been commemorated on May 26 each year since 1998. It is a time for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples to remember the many children who were forcibly removed from their families and communities. The Bringing Them Home report gives us an overview of this sorry chapter in Australia’s history and looks at many case studies which show that many of the children were not taken for their welfare at all.

Our Office has produced a new resource to help you to learn more about the Stolen Generations, the Bringing Them Home report, the Sorry Book Campaign, the Apology and the Healing Foundation’s Plan of Action. It provides suggestions for action too.

Don’t forget, also, that National Reconciliation Week is May 27 to June 3. There’s sure to be many events in which you can participate in your local community.