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Easter Greetings

Cupped hands filled with small easter eggs

Peter Arndt, Director of the Office, and Harrison Pocknee, the Office’s Digital Media and Research Assistant, wish all our subscribers joy and peace at Easter.

As we approach Holy Week and reflect on Jesus’ passion and death and as we celebrate the joy of the resurrection on Easter Sunday, let’s commit ourselves to seek Jesus in those on the peripheries of society, both here in Australia and around the world.

We especially remember those who live with violence and oppression in places like Ukraine, Myanmar, Hong Kong and West Papua. Let’s be hopeful and commit ourselves to work for a world where peace and justice flourish and where earth is cared for and protected from greed and violence.

Don’t forget to make ethical choices if you are buying Easter eggs and chocolates. Australian Catholic Religious against Trafficking in Humans (ACRATH) have all you need to know to help eliminate modern slavery from the supply chains of chocolate manufacturers: