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From the Director

Statue of the Virgin Mary on an Altar with Candles

International Women’s Day was marked this month on 8 March, but did you know that the results of an extensive survey of thousands of Catholic women from around the world was presented in person to Vatican representatives by two University of Newcastle researchers?

The research was commissioned by Catholic Women Speak. The quantitative and qualitative results of the survey were submitted as a contribution to the Synod on Synodality taking place in October 2023 and October 2024.

Authors, Dr. Kathleen McPhillips and Dr. Tracy McEwan, presented the International Survey of Catholic Women (ISCW) which draws on the views of over 17,000 Catholic women in 104 countries.

The survey’s findings highlight a strong commitment of many Catholic women to their faith, but great feelings of dissatisfaction because of their inability to contribute to the life of the Church meaningfully.

The authors make a number of recommendations based on the findings. They include greater opportunities for women’s leadership pastorally and organisationally, more effective guidelines to eliminate sexual, spiritual and physical violence in the Church, and greater transparency and accountability in decision-making processes in the Church

.You can read more about the survey at: