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asylum seekers and refugees

Afghanistan commitment needs to be more generous

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The Australian Bishops have responded to the Federal government’s announcement that they would not allocate additional refugee places to deal with the Afghanistan crisis. The government will allocate 3,750 of the current places available to people from Afghanistan over the next four years. The Australian Bishops advocate for at least 20,000 additional humanitarian places be made available.

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Catholic support for Afghans

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The Australian Bishops’ Office for Justice, Ecology and Peace have co-signed a letter urging Federal Parliamentarians to take seven urgent and decisive actions to support and protect Afghan citizens and asylum seekers overseas and within Australia.  Principle signatory, Refugee Council of Australia have based these… Read More »Catholic support for Afghans

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Migrant and Refugee Sunday

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“Towards an ever wider ‘we’” is the theme of the 107th Migrant and Refugee Sunday, celebrated on the 26th of September, 2021.  Pope Francis has released his message for Migrant and Refugee Sunday with an emphasis on creating a diverse and beautiful world which celebrates… Read More »Migrant and Refugee Sunday

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Bishops Appeal for Asylum Seekers

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Australian Bishops have written to various members of Parliament appealing for greater welcome, support and inclusion of people seeking asylum and granted refuge. Bishop Michael McCarthy of Rockhampton Diocese and Bishop Vincent Long van Nguyen OFM (Conv) and Chair of the Bishops Commission for Social Justice, Mission and Service have both written to Federal ministers appealing for a more human approach to the detention and processing of people seeking asylum.