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2011: Fukushima Earthquake and Tsunami

On this day an earthquake and tsunami in Fukushima Prefecture in Japan killed 18,500 people. Damage to a nuclear power plant in this event caused widespread contamination and the displacement of thousands of people. Reflecting on these events, the Catholic Bishops Conference of Japan called for the abolition on nuclear power: We, the Catholic Bishops’… Read More »2011: Fukushima Earthquake and Tsunami

1941: Death of William Cooper

William Cooper was an inspirational Aboriginal leader in New South Wales and Victoria in the early part of the 20th century and a founding secretary of the Australian Aborigines’ League.The league was created to lobby state and federal governments on behalf of Aboriginal people. The powerful symbolic gesture of a Day of Mourning on 26… Read More »1941: Death of William Cooper

1897: Death of Jandamarra

Jandamarra was an Aboriginal resistance leader of the Bunuba people in Western Australia. Find our more about his story here.