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human rights

Three images of women at a protest are pieced together, each with a green, purple or grey overlay. The text "Social Justice Statement 2022-23, Respecti, Confronting Violence and abuse" is in white at the top of the image. Australian Catholic Bishops Conference is written in small white writing at the centre of the image at the bottom with the corresponding logo.

Bishops lament family, domestic violence in annual justice statement

Australia’s bishops have used their annual social justice statement to condemn the scourge of domestic and family violence, saying relationships must be “marked by respect and freedom rather than coercion and control”. This year’s statement is titled Respect: Confronting Violence and Abuse. “The teaching of Christ urges us to promote relationships marked by respect and freedom rather than coercion and control.”

Global Concern for Human Rights in Iran

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A group of Iranian Australians in Sydney have launched a petition calling on the Australian government to take a clear stand against the violation of human rights in Iran since 15 November 2019 when security forces opened fire on peaceful demonstrations in about 200 cities and towns.