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Drone Shot over the Great Barrier Reef

Protecting Nature

The deteriorating state of Australia’s environment will not be helped by the recent Federal Budget. The Budget does provide significant subsidies to green industries, but there is little to help arrest the slide in the health of the environment itself.

Season of Creation

Season of Creation 2024

In his letter to the Romans, Paul pictured the earth as a mother, groaning in childbirth [Rom 8:22], later echoed by Francis of Assisi when he referred to the Earth as our Sister and Mother in his Canticle of Creatures. Yet, in modern times, our relationship to the Earth is of subjection and exploitation, rather than nurturing and respect.

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Clean Up Australia Day 2024

 Clean Up Australia Day beckons communities nationwide to join hands in a collective effort for a greener, cleaner environment. As the event draws near, individuals, schools, businesses, and community groups gear up to tackle litter and waste in their local areas. This annual event, scheduled for March 3rd, serves as a poignant reminder of the impact of human activity on our ecosystems and the power of collective action.

Praise God

We take a look at the Pope’s new Apostolic Exhortation on integral ecology, Laudate Deum, and give you a way in which you can take action leading up to the upcoming climate conference in Dubai.

An image drawn on a chalkboard: The Silhouette of a family with two young children fleeing, bordered by chain link fencing

Refugees off PNG and Nauru

Staff from the Office recently met with a number of refugees who have recently arrived in Australia from Nauru. We share some of their experiences and offer you an opportunity to support those refugees still held in PNG as part of Australia’s offshore processing policy.