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Bishops Call for a Better Kind of Politics

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The Australian Catholic Bishops have released a new election resource highlighting key issues for consideration this election. The guide doesn’t assign ratings to candidates or parties, but rather gives a background on the different issues that could affect the election and information on these issues from a Catholic perspective.

Biru sits on the ground, smiling at something off camera. Biru is working with a metal wheel close by.

Project Compassion: Biru’s Story

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Biru has overcome many difficulties in his life. As a person living with a disability and part of a minority in rural India, keeping cattle to support his wife and four children was a challenge. So he taught himself to repair bicycles and through participating in an entrepreneurship and livelihoods training program, supported by Caritas has been able to set up his own business and be financially dependent.

On a red background the Project Compassion: For All Future Generations logo sits. Caritas' logo is below the text and there are links to Caritas' website, www.caritas.org.au, phone number 1800 024 413 and hashtag projectcompassion

Project Compassion: For All Future Generations

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“For All Future Generations” is the theme for this year’s Project Compassion. Supporting over three million people around the world each year, Caritas Australia is the International Aid and Development Agency of the Catholic Church. Caritas’ Lenten program, Project Compassion is one of the foundations allowing it to work across dozens of countries around the world and build futures with and for all.

World Day of the Poor

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This day calls attention to people living in poverty across the world. The Fifth Annual World Day of the Poor has the theme “The Poor will Always Be With You.” In his message for the day, Pope Francis says, A different approach to poverty is required.… Read More »World Day of the Poor

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World Day of the Poor 2021

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Around the globe, the Catholic Church will celebrate the World Day of the Poor on 14 November. Pope Francis’ Message for this occasion takes as its starting point the words “the poor you will always have with you” (Mk 14:7). This Discussion Guide offers some starting points for personal or group reflection and discussion.

Global Vaccine Equity Action

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Bishop Vincent Long has spoken about the importance of a waiver of parts of the a trade agreement to allow equitable access to vaccines for the whole human family.